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Brawling Santas and elephant polo


Will Q. pointed to a Sky News article about a gathering of Santas gone awry, and I ended up following several links to assorted News of the Weird-type items. (Given my recent comments about link text, I should note that I'm not being careful about it in this entry; too groggy.)

Oh, and here's an item not from Sky News: Garrison Keillor sings an "unnervingly catchy tune" (as an Observer article puts it) in an animated Honda ad (5MB Flash movie), all about how old diesel engines are bad but Honda's new diesel engine is better. "Hate something, change something, make something better," says the chorus. (Thanks, Aaron!)


Not just elephant polo ... time travelling elephant polo!

The tournament, which began 23 years ago...

... elephant polo was invented by Scotsman James Manclark and Briton Jim Edwards in 1983.

im interested in taking part in time travelling elephant polo, when and where, if this is possible, can i get started, if possible....


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