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Who are you?


A few months back, Josh sent me a list of the LJ users who were subscribed to the LiveJournal feed of my journal. Of the names I recognized (after looking at the journals), about half were sf folks and nearly half were Swarthmore-related, with a few assorted other friends from other contexts.

There were also a couple dozen people whose names I didn't recognize at all, and I imagine there are a fair number of other people I don't know who use my journal interface rather than LJ. So I'm curious about who y'all are.

This is, of course, entirely optional, but I invite anyone who I don't know (and anyone who I do know if you haven't told me you read the journal, or for that matter if you just want to say hi) to post a comment to this entry (preferably on my site rather than in LJ) introducing yourself, saying hi, and/or providing a link to your own site or journal (if applicable). If you feel like mentioning how you found my journal and/or whether you're a writer or not, feel free.

(This entry was partly sparked by the delightful surprise of seeing my journal mentioned on Jim Kelly's list of sf-related blogs. I'm pleased to be in such fine company. And yes, Jim (if you see this entry), I do think your column is sort of a print blog (with an online version); I'd say it joins Howard Waldrop's "unblog" over at The Infinite Matrix in the interstitial :) area between column and blog.)


I think you know me, Catherine Morrison in the sub file, though I don't think we have had a chance to talk yet at a con, though I have met Susan and Mary Anne.

I forget how I found your blog, although I'm pretty sure it was after starting to read Strange Horizons. I really liked the magazine, and I liked how you wrote here, so I've been reading you for a while.

I think I know someone who knows you, although I don't know him well (EZ, through Looney Labs stuff). If you ever come out to Arisia, that might be enough to get me to go again to say hi (I'm in Boston).

I'm a reader of speculative fiction. I sometimes like to think that I could be a writer, but I'm really an editor. I edit math textbooks for a living, and I've done some volunteer editing of various types before (for a friend's game system, for individuals, and for New Genre (which, after a nice start, is unfortunately moving very slowly).

Um, I guess that's my introduction.

I've read your journal on and off since I submitted a couple of stories to Strange Horizons a few years ago. Once I signed onto livejournal, I put you on my reading list since I enjoy your posts.

I've been reading for a few years. Went to Swarthmore, was friendly with some Swillies, met you once at a round-sing, and stumbled on your journal some years later. I like plot, and journals have plot. Plus, you post interesting links.

I'm a professional SF/F copyeditor who found your journal through mutual friends.

I'm a nonfiction editor of art and history books. I found your journal through following friends of friends' links, and enjoyed your posts.

I'm an sf reader and fic writer -- mostly slash, which you're probably not interested in, but a gen story from a literary source (J.M. Barrie) is here:

I found your blog through a livejournal feature : friendsfriends and subscribed to it. I read and write sf/f, so reading your blogventures was, as they say, big fun.

I think I originally found you through LiveJournal's feed list. I was just looking for interesting feeds and found yours. I'm a budding SF writer so there's a link, but what I really enjoy about your journal is all the strange and unusual links I can pass on to my friends so they say, "Where in the HELL did you find that?" Thanks for helping me keep them on their toes. ;)

I ran across your blog following links from other blogs. I made my first submission to SH about two months ago--other than that, we've never had any contact at all. I just enjoy reading your entries.

Have no idea how I came across your blog. Maybe via Chance. I write sff and sometimes submit to SH.

I'm a comic artist and stuff. I write my own comics and have messed with writing prose stories. Found your blog from one of the other people that I read on-line... sadly I'm not sure who. Writers and editors have pretty neat blogs and stuff so I lurk around even though I draw more then I write. =D


Hi, Jed. I enjoy reading your journal -- the writing and editing-related entries in particular. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me and your other readers.

I'm a speculative fiction reader and fan of Strange Horizons. In fact, I've donated to SH's past few fund drives because I'm a strong supporter of online spec-fiction zines; free, high-quality genre fiction is a terrific way to hook readers of all ages. I'm also a writer, but I haven't submitted any work to Strange Horizons. (Yet. *g*)

Actually, we've met. At WisCon, briefly, last year. I've been reading since the early days of SH. I think I picked up the LJ feed shortly after it was offered. Because everyone knows the LJ people love that 'everyone in one place' feature.

Hey. My name is Sabira. I'm a linguistics student at Cal Berkeley, and I stumbled across the "Words and Stuff" page a few hours ago. It is very amusing. la di da, that's me. I have a livejournal, of the username sabiratree. Peace out, yo.

Hi Jed. We chatted a little bit about short fiction reviews a while back, but we've never met. Because I'm greedy, I'm directly subscribed to the RSS feed *as well as* the LJ feed. I really need to sort out which strategy I prefer ...

Wow—I wasn't expecting so many cool responses. Thanks, all! I'm not nearly awake enough to reply to anything, but I'm delighted to read all your notes; keep 'em coming!

I tracked down your journal after meeting you at the Strange Horizons's tea party at TorCon, and I've posted at least one comment here since then (though I don't expect either of those things would stick in your memory).

I also submit an occasional story to Strange Horizons.

Hi - I shook your hand at a SH tea party at Wiscon, but I won't hold it against you if you don't remember. I've submitted to SH a few times, and found your journal through Jenn Reese's "Links" page.

I'm no one. No one at all.


I am your brother. You already know me but I am just saying hi....

What a good idea--to get a head count, of sorts!

I think yours was the very first blog I ever read, Jed. I don't read the livejournal one, but via the website.

still looking for the porn.

I found your blog after writing a few comments to it, then discovered I wasn't keeping in touch well by phone. I've seen you occasionally since then in MA or CA, and most recently shared an apartment and then a dorm room in PA. Hi Jed, my name's Michael! Want to write a paper together? That's got to be less work and more fun...

And Kevin, you know more than one person who knows Jed.

Aw, heck, Jed, it's me! You host my blog and my email, and you, um, well I was going to say I have pictures of you in a dress, but heck, who doesn't?


I figured I should say hi too, even though you know who I am. I found out about your blog because you told me about it. I keep reading it in hopes of using the information I find in it for some nefarious kind of mind-control, and to eventually take over the world. Huh. Do you think I'm taking this self-obsession thing a bit too far? :) Lola (the always-gets-what-she-wants girl)

We went to college together. I imagine you recall. :)

But the journal-reading was a direct consequence of having been a fanatical reader of the much-missed Words & Stuff. I came for the wordplay, but I stayed for the human drama and pathos fun!

Snivel, Ubu, snivel.

Hi Jed, my name is Roger. I reached your blog from the link at Tim Pratt's Tropism page. I've never met you - because I live near New York - but I've been reading Strange Horizons for about a year and a half now. You and the other editors are doing a great job!!

Why do I keep coming back? Well, I've been reading SF/F for more years than I care to remember, I work in engineering, I enjoy your insights on writing and editing, and your infodumps and links to strange sites are wholly amusing and mind-expanding (in a good, non-recreational drug kind of way).

I almost de-lurked to comment on your post about "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" because I've just read it myself. But, here I am instead.

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