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Quick updates

I ought to be reading submissions, editing, rejecting submissions, responding to queries, or otherwise dealing with all the stuff I'm... (More...)

More on sf and unheimlichkeit

Kip has posted a long excellent response to my previous entry; I've only had time to skim it so far,... (More...)

Homosexuality, sf, and the unheimlich

I really ought to be either editing or reading subs, but I'm gonna take a little time to point to... (More...)

On Safari? Take a map, see a movie

O frabjous day! Google Maps now works with Safari. I'm very pleased. (It also works with Opera now, but that's... (More...)

Readers' Choice deadline approaching

You've only got a few days left to vote in the Strange Horizons Readers' Choice award for work we published... (More...)

The perpetual cough and the text adventure

Still coughing, but the health updates are getting tedious so I'll leave it at that. What I'm really here to... (More...)

Want to buy a cough?

On the plus side, got various bits of praise at work today; among other things, my first performance review went... (More...)

News flash: Jed still sick

Which is to say, no particular news, no particular brain. Had a nice story reading on Saturday; various good things... (More...)


The other day in the car, we were wondering where the term w00t came from. If only I had a... (More...)


I was going to title this "patronizing," but that would give entirely the wrong idea. Yesterday I got to feel... (More...)

Potlatch, Consonance, and Contact

Occurs to me that I should plug a couple of upcoming tiny local sf-related conventions: Potlatch 14 is in San... (More...)

Missing week

I got sick a little over a week ago, and although there've been days of non-sickness mixed in during that... (More...)

Ambien is my friend

Kam drove me to the doctor yesterday; the doctor prescribed me some Ambien. (I tried Sonata once, years ago, and... (More...)

Items: random mishmash

Shortly after posting that last entry, I backslid and got a little sleep. Not much, though, and I'll keep trying... (More...)

The death of sleep

I spent quite a while earlier tonight trying all the possible options to get some sleep, but then I thought,... (More...)


Kam and I have been watching the new Battlestar Galactica series, and so far (having seen the first five episodes)... (More...)


I always have sleep problems of one sort or another, but last night's sort is one of my very least... (More...)

Sf news

Some assorted news items from the speculative fiction world: The 2004 Nebula Awards Final Ballot has been released. The most... (More...)

Blogging about one's job

I was wondering when this would hit the news. A set of links, presented without comment (and with the employee... (More...)

Stumbling through the day

I initially wrote "Stumblign", and considered leaving it like that, as an accurate reflection of my state of consciousness. Still,... (More...)

Memorial services

One of the things that struck me about today's memorial gathering for Joan Van Stone was that a couple of... (More...)


Seems like lately when I get sick, the main symptoms are exhaustion and inability to think clearly. Yesterday it really... (More...)

Star Trek: New Voyages

The people at Star Trek: New Voyages liked Original Series Trek so much that they decided to continue the original... (More...)

Home sick

I never sleep particularly well, but the ways in which I don't sleep well vary over time. The latest version,... (More...)

Items with no brain

No, wait, it's not these things below that have no brain, it's me. I'm near to sleep; have not slept... (More...)


I saw an internal demo of this a couple weeks ago, and I've been biting my tongue to avoid talking... (More...)

Wee, sleekit, cow'rin', tim'rous beastie

A couple hours ago, I heard rustling from downstairs. No, not people poaching my cows; just a noise as of,... (More...)

Delivered to my door

After this morning's two phone calls from DHL and the update on their tracking page (see my comment on the... (More...)

Travel and visitors

This year is shaping up to be a busy one. Here's a rough version of the parts of my travel-and-visitors... (More...)

Return of the service demon

I've had remarkably good customer service (most of the time) for the past several weeks, so it's no surprise that... (More...)

Items: sf, comics

These are a little more connected, I guess, or maybe it's just that the theme is broader: Locus is doing... (More...)

Items: bodies, creating and disposing of

These don't quite have a unified theme, but they seem distantly connected: Ted pointed to a great MetaFilter thread on... (More...)

Mouse update

Yesterday, I called Orchard Supply Hardware to ask if they had live traps for mice. The person who answered the... (More...)

Submission report update

Now that January is over, here's the official count: The SH fiction department received 270 submissions in January of 2003;... (More...)