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New blogs

A couple of people have asked me recently how to go about creating a blog. Here's a somewhat revised version... (More...)

Birthday notes

Had a very good birthday for most of the day. Took the day as a vacation day from work 'cause... (More...)


I've always liked Magritte. His "Treason of Images" (the pipe image near the bottom of that page) has obliquely come... (More...)

HB, also Al

It's now the day I was born. Yay! Also the day Jess was born and the day Dave was born... (More...)

Update and items

Went to Jay's memorial gathering for Peter yesterday. Planned to just stop by for half an hour or so, but... (More...)

Hugo nominees

The Hugo committee has released the final 2005 Hugo ballot. (I saw it first in Cheryl's posting; thanks, Cheryl!) As... (More...)

Today, tomorrow

Rambling moody entry here with no particular point. Just saving contents of brain to disk before going to bed, I... (More...)

A couple of magazine notes

I'm slowly getting back into magazine stuff. (For those new around here: I'm a fiction editor for an online science... (More...)

Old family tidbits

My uncle Dobe sent out email a few months ago pointing to some websites containing information about our family history.... (More...)

This and that

Yesterday morning was the spring equinox. I usually post something celebratory, like the spring verses I used to send out... (More...)

More stuff

The past few days have been kind of a blur, even though very little has been happening. I'm slowly getting... (More...)

R.I.P., Andre Norton

Science fiction writer Andre Norton died this morning. I've been meaning to post for the past couple weeks mentioning that... (More...)

Rose's mustache, and calculating devices

I got D&J's permission, so here's the photo of Rose and her mustache. Moments after I took that photo, Rose... (More...)

Back home

Long entry here, just general updates on the past couple days. Saturday evening before I posted that last entry, I... (More...)

Another update

The continued outpouring of support in comments and email is just about making me cry as I sit here in... (More...)


Here's some of what I've been thankful for this week: Kam. She's been amazing. Strong and capable, holding me when... (More...)


In lieu of flowers, the family would prefer donations to the Pierce College Foundation in the name of Peter Hartman... (More...)

A little more info

Nancy's arraignment was yesterday, so there are now news articles with more info. Here's one from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and... (More...)


Kam came over this morning, and then came with me to Tacoma. My brother's travel agent took care of the... (More...)


My father just died. That's all I can say right now. I'll be offline and out of contact indefinitely. If... (More...)

Potlatch, briefly and sleepily

I don't know what I'm doing awake; I should've gone to bed an hour ago. But I want to toss... (More...)

More Campbell info

I'm guessing that by now the people who care about this have seen it, but just in case, the new... (More...)

Important Campbell quasi-info

Cheryl has posted a note about the new Campbell Award eligibility rules. Unfortunately, the new rules have not yet been... (More...)

Good old Ramada Plaza

I'm staying in SF for Potlatch this weekend; seemed easier than trying to get to SF by a reasonable hour... (More...)

Last week for Hugo nominations!

Yikes—I hadn't realized that the nomination period was ending so imminently. Hugo nominations are due on March 11, one week... (More...)

Assorted items

Thanks for all the comments on that last entry! You folks are the best. Your notes have been cheering me... (More...)

Any good news?

Hey, you know what would improve my day, and my week, immeasurably? If y'all would post some comments to this... (More...)

Typewriter art

Silly and odd short animated film made in 1988 and now available online: Primiti Too Taa. The "words" are from... (More...)