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Locus Poll final day(?)

Today may be the last day in which to vote in the 2005 Locus Poll & Survey; it says the... (More...)

Rough day

Obligatory beginning to an entry like this: Don't worry, I'm fine. Physically, anyway; emotionally a little shook up. I was... (More...)

Opportunity for self-promotion

I was in a bookstore the other evening; bought a recently published first novel by someone who I think is... (More...)

Ethics in America for free!

Back in the late 1980s, PBS broadcast an utterly fascinating ten-program series called Ethics in America. Each program discussed a... (More...)

Items: Hodgepodge and mishmash

No discernible theme this time, just a collection of whatever happens to be sitting in my open browser windows: Last... (More...)

Peter memorial article

The Pierce College student newspaper, the Pioneer, ran a front-page story about Peter, along with a couple of sidebars and... (More...)

Art, money, property, anarchism

I'm astonished to discover that I've never written here about J. S. G. Boggs, an artist whose best-known work involves drawing detailed... (More...)

Words easily confused #15

Time for another installment. (To see previous editions, search my journal for the phrase "words easily" (no quotes)—that'll show the... (More...)

How'm I doing?

People have been (quite reasonably) asking how I'm doing lately, and I don't have a good answer. Mostly I say... (More...)

Review: Bet Me

The main problem with Jennifer Crusie books is that I have a hard time putting them down. Bet Me isn't... (More...)

Another telemarketing mini-rant

I was going to write something like this: If there's one thing I hate more than telemarketing calls where there's... (More...)

Meme in my pants

There are two long fairly serious entries I want to write soon: one about the origins of my zeppelin story... (More...)

Ten belated things

I was just about all ready to post this back on March 7, which was already long after most other... (More...)

Items: Flying cars

As Avery "Sisko" Brooks put it in a very entertaining IBM commercial a few years back: "It is the year... (More...)

Email blocking

A word of advice to writers who submit stories (to anyone) via email: If your mail system or ISP blocks... (More...)

Old radio and cylindrical devices

Kam's parents are members of the Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto; last night, the museum sponsored a show... (More...)

Cheering me up

I have just enough time to post two things that cheered me up last night and this morning, before I... (More...)


All week, I've been thinking, "Oh, right, that's the thing I was going to post about." But I keep thinking... (More...)

Welcome, new readers

Ended up telling three co-workers today that it was okay for them to read my journal. (I try not to... (More...)

Digital vs. film

Jay was talking about the photos Tom Weir took of our parents; a comment he made about digital photography prompted... (More...)

Items: Animation, Popes

A couple of ultra-cool animated thingies, one interactive and one not: Baby Name Wizard's NameVoyager lets you see how popular... (More...)

Home again

The critiquing portion of the workshop ended this morning, with critiques of my story. It's interesting the patterns that come... (More...)


Drove out to Watsonville and found a Starbucks with wireless Internet access. The process of finding the place was a... (More...)

More or less offline

Frustrating. All evening tonight, I've been checking email; each check involves about five minutes of overhead, followed by downloading three... (More...)

Phone post

Just because I can, I'm posting this from my Treo. Remember to set your clocks an hour forward tonight! (In... (More...)

Slowest high-speed Internet ever

Been focusing on getting story ready for Hidden City the past couple days; sorry haven't been very responsive to email.... (More...)