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Slowest high-speed Internet ever

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Been focusing on getting story ready for Hidden City the past couple days; sorry haven't been very responsive to email. Also, for reasons not interesting enough to go into, I've been missing phone calls lately. Don't worry, am still here, and still receiving voicemail and email.

Drove down here to the HC site today; it turns out that the "high-speed wireless Internet" that the web page for the site promised is a satellite connection that's actually somewhat slower than a dialup line, at least for checking email. So far it's timed out twice while trying to download my mail. So I may have very minimal email access while here. Also, my phone has very little signal. Probably the best option for contacting me is text messaging to my phone, unfortunately.

Especially unfortunate 'cause my grandmother is in the hospital; she fell down the other day. But it sounds like she's doing okay, and wasn't seriously injured, and she's getting lots of visits from family.

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