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I've been remiss in my duties; I've failed to mention two bits of sf awards news, though those of you who care probably know by now:

  • The Speculative Literature Foundation has announced the results of this year's Fountain Award; the winner is "The Annals of Eelin-Ok," by Jeffrey Ford. I haven't read it yet, but you can read it by following that link.
  • Locus has announced the finalists for the Locus Awards, with the actual award to be given at Westercon in July.

I'm sad to report that nothing related to SH appears on either of those awards pages. Alas!

But I'm happy to report that a couple of my favorite non-SH stories of 2004 are in the Honorable Mentions list for the Fountain Award: "The Golden Age of Fire Escapes," by John Aegard, "Music Lessons," by Douglas Lain, and "The Lethe Man," by David J. Schwartz. In fact, I think those are the only stories on the Honorable Mentions list that I've read, so it's possible that the rest of the HM list would also be on my favorite-non-SH-stories list were I to read them.

On an entirely unrelated note, my award for best line I've encountered on a web page this morning goes to this from how to write a mary sue fic in 7 easy steps:

"he put his sex in her sex and they had sex!" —sarah's parody of a mary sue sex scene

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