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Coin flipping

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Toward the end of my car-choosing process, a whole bunch of people (both here in my journal and in person) started to recommend that I flip a coin, which led me to suspect that I was going on too long about the choice. :) There were two schools of thought:

  1. "Flip a coin; when the coin is in the air, you'll know which way you want it to land." (Alternatively, "when the coin lands you'll know if you're disappointed that it landed that way up.") A great idea in theory, but in practice it doesn't work for me. While the coin is in the air, I waffle about which way I want it to land; after it lands, I'm dissatisfied whichever way it comes up.
  2. "Flip a coin and abide by whatever it says." I admire people who are willing to entrust big decisions to chance, but I'm afraid I would hate doing that; if I'm gonna spend $20,000 on a vehicle I'll probably be driving for ten years, I don't want the decision to be made randomly. (Or rather, not obviously randomly and not completely randomly; clearly there are a bunch of elements of chance that went into my final decision.)

So I appreciate the suggestions, but the coin-flipping approach just doesn't work for me, alas. If it did, my decisionmaking process would be a lot easier. And I could get one of those two-headed coins, and scratch a big X across one of the faces, and then I could get one side of my face scarred by acid, and change my name to Harvey Dent, and—okay, never mind.

Actually, I do carry around a coin specifically for flipping: it's a nice heavy Mexican ten-peso piece, with a cool relief figure on the reverse. But since I almost never actually flip coins, it rarely leaves my wallet.

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Buying a car when my old one died suddenly, leaving me sans car for the purchasing, made me so incredibly tense and grumpy that I fully intend to drive the current car for the next 15 years, just to avoid the hassle of having to do it again.

Buying cars is no fun at all. I am glad you have made a decision!

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