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Changes of plans


I don't like change in general, but lately I've been even more subject than usual to large mood swings when things don't go quite the way I expect. And, of course, a convention is a great place for spontaneity and sudden changes of plans, which I suspect most people consider a good thing. (And when I can get myself into the right frame of mind to appreciate spontaneity, as I did at last year's WorldCon, then I too consider it a good thing.)

But when I'm tired and/or stressed and/or low on blood sugar and/or sick, I'm even more likely to go from cheerful to miserable instantly when things change unexpectedly. I was doing pretty well with plan-changing at this con until yesterday afternoon, when it started to catch up with me.

Anyway. I ended up getting almost no sleep last night, and Mary Anne didn't get much more, so neither of us is really safe to drive back to Chicago today. So we're gonna stick around Madison another day. At first I was pretty miserable about that prospect—I think at the moment what I really want is to lie in bed at home and eat chicken soup, but that's not gonna happen for another two weeks. But we made the decision, the hotel people were nice about it, Mary Anne pointed out that I don't need to do anything at all today (could even just stay here in our room all day and watch TV if I wanted to), and the weather's nice outside the window, and I had a hot shower and some leftover food, and now that I'm settling into the idea of being here another day I think it's probably a good plan.

As a bonus, several cool folks were already planning to stay an extra day, so I might even get to see some of them. And I might get to see locals more, too, depending on whether they're too exhausted themselves.

So there's plenty of upside and little if any downside, assuming we manage to get some sleep tonight. (I may also try to nap this afternoon.) But I'm still feeling a little tense and fragile (even more than usual these days, I mean), not to mention still sick (lots of coughing) and thoroughly exhausted, so please be gentle with me if you encounter me (online or in person) today. And in turn, I'll try to avoid picking any fights with anyone.

On an entirely unrelated note: congratulations to Naomi Kritzer, whose story "St. Ailbe's Hall" (which we published in January of 2004) appears on the final ballot for the Ursa Major Awards for "Best Anthropomorphic Literature and Art."


I started to say "shouldn't that be 'Best Theromorphic Literature and Art'?"

But then I thought: No, that would be (by reflection) art about humans behaving like animals, as "anthropomorphic art" is about animals behaving like humans.

Then it occurred to me that morphos is really the wrong root here and we should be talking about anthropopraxis and theropraxis.

You know, I really love what WisCon does to my brain.

My brain doesn't know yet what WisCon did to it.

I'm sorry we didn't get to say goodbye yesteday, Jed. I couldn't bear the thought of saying goodbye to anyone and snuck out before anybody from our late-night chatathon was awake. Except David--I did get to say goodbye to him. And Kat. And now I'm rambling.

Have a safe trip to the next stop on your journey!

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