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Happy book launch to M!

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Today's the launch date for Mary Anne's book Bodies in Motion. It's not really her first book, or even her first book-length work of fiction, but it's her first novel, and/or her first high-profile major-publisher single-author short story collection, depending on how you look at it.

She has a journal entry about it today, including a quote from a glowing Boston Globe review titled "'Bodies' is a moving reflection on culture." (Newspapers just can't resist those puns in headlines, can they?) The Globe calls the book "alluring" and "a graceful, nimble book," and notes, "Mohanraj has fashioned a landscape of radiant, complex characters negotiating the difficult ground between being immigrants and emigrants."

For those familiar with M's previous work, note that this is not an erotica book. There are themes related to sex, of course (the Globe review mentions the book's "daring sensuousness," apparently unaware of M's past writing), but the book will presumably be filed in bookstores under Fiction or Literature or whatever their mainstream literary fiction category is called.

Mary Anne also notes that if you're going to buy the book, it's better for her if you buy it in the first week it's out. So go buy it! I'm waffling about whether to get it from Amazon or my local independent store, but I think I'm gonna go with Amazon just to ensure that I actually get around to doing it.

Happy launch day, Mary Anne!

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