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Okay, I'm gonna have to retract what I said about customer service in the UK, or at least soften it.

Today's customer service experiences included:

  • Waitresses at the otherwise empty hotel restaurant bringing me a delicious sandwich quickly, and not apparently minding my sitting at the table for much of the afternoon. I think a lot of what I tend to see as bad customer service is just a different waiter etiquette: they apparently won't do anything that could be construed as hurrying a customer along.
  • Guy at PrintWorks, a copy shop on Argyll halfway between the Corus hotel and Central station, being very helpful and flexible; he downloaded a one-page PDF I'd put online, and printed it to his printer using my American "letter"-sized paper, all without even hinting that these requests were unusual.
  • Post office clerk being reserved but nonetheless quite helpful, enabling me to get both the story and a certain requested postcard into the mail with a minimum of fuss.

It would've been nice if the hotel staff had told me about the copy shop (rather than directing me to the "Internet cafe" further down the road, which turned out to be a McDonald's with a few web kiosks built into the wall), but that didn't cost me much time. And the fact that PrintWorks and the post office were both open until 5:30 (or 17.30, I suppose) made it possible for me to get things in the mail despite my late start. So I'm pretty pleased with Glasgow's customer-service infrastructure right now.

I reserve the right to change my mind on the way to the airport tomorrow morning, though.

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