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Items: The kittens of August

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Okay, so they're the kittens of September now. Whatever.

Those cat photos led me inevitably to kitten photos. Some of these I've posted before, a couple are links to old entries of mine, and some are new (to me, anyway).

  • Kitten War!, in which you determine which of two cute kitten photos is the cutest.
  • Rate My Kitten and Cute Little Kittens: same general idea, but rating one photo instead of comparing two. The HotOrNot of kittens.
  • The Daily Kitten: a new kitten photo every day.
  • My link to a review of a juvenile Felis cattus.
  • Irilyth once pointed (in comments on one of my entries) to an alien demon kitty photo, apparently from the now-defunct random kitten generator page (which seems to have turned into the abovelinked Daily Kitten).
  • I Know All About These Kittens (you may need a wide browser window to see this, or you may need to scroll down a ways).
  • Swearing kittens with word balloons added.
  • I've apparently never actually linked to Bonsai Kitten. Warning: If you're looking for cute fluffy kitten photos, or if you get upset when you see parodies of people doing awful things to animals, then just don't go here. Try the next item instead.
  • Quasi-narrative kitten photos. At first I thought this was going to be a story (I almost called it "A Tale of Two Kitties"), but then it became clear that it's just a bunch of cute kitten photos, many of them utterly adorable. I especially like the hedgehog encounter, a little less than halfway down.
  • Dozens of teeny-tiny kitten thumbnail photos (with links to bigger versions).

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You kitten-pusher, you ... must resist the cuteness. Must not rush to cats' home and adopt more cats. Have plenty of cats already.

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