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Same-sex marriage in CA


I meant to mention: yesterday, the California state Senate voted to legalize same-sex marriage. "It is the first time a state legislative body in the United States has voluntarily voted to approve same-sex marriage," says that article. (As opposed to being pushed by the courts.)

It's unclear how that bill will do in the state Assembly, and I have a feeling that the Governor won't sign it even if it does reach him. So I suspect this is more a symbolic victory than a real one.

Still, pretty cool.

I had been wondering why the bill itself is full of crossed-out stuff about fish and game. Turns out that they used a practice called gut-and-amend to take a fish-and-game bill, remove all the language in it, and replace it with the language of the marriage bill. Wacky.

Another aspect I'm not entirely thrilled with: the bill is called the "Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act." I mean, yeah, go us for re-appropriating the "marriage protection" rhetoric and one-upping it with religious freedom, and now we can be the ones saying "Wait, you're saying you're opposed to protecting marriage? And you don't like religious freedom?" But I don't much like that kind of tactic regardless of which side is doing it.

Speaking of confusing language, while I was looking for some of the above info I happened across an op-ed piece titled "Native Americans shouldn't be wed to battle against same-sex marriage." At first I thought the headline was suggesting that Native Americans were marrying each other in an attempt to somehow battle against same-sex marriage, which I found very confusing. But it turns out that "wed to" is being used in its metaphorical sense. It's a pun, get it? Anyway, the article has some interesting (but possibly oversimplified) stuff about same-sex relationships in modern Native American contexts.

One more thing: last week, the California Supreme Court ruled that (to quote an article about it) "lesbian and gay partners who plan a family and raise a child together should be considered legal parents after a breakup." Interesting.


In times of slower news, this CA State Senate Action would be in the headlines nation-wide and certain evangelical yo-yo's would be out in force on every cable news channel doing their typical and tiresome ranting about the demented Californians who are taking the country down a path to hell.

Of course the courts wouldn't have had to push in Mass if the legislature hadn't blocked a valid ballot initiative ....

They couldn't just...delete the fish references?

Wacky indeed!

But good wacky. Baby steps into the elevator the right direction...

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