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Wooden Rockets

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I had been guessing the Wooden Rocket Awards had been cancelled this year, but looks like they were just delayed. If you follow that link, you can vote for your favorite sf-related websites in various categories.

Some caveats, though:

  • To be eligible to vote, you have to sign up for their email newsletter.
  • You can only vote for one site in each category.
  • The rules are rather draconian. It sounds like they'll silently discard any ballot they even halfway suspect of cheating. If they get multiple ballots from a particular address, they'll throw out all those ballots. If they feel that a site is attempting to cheat, they'll permanently disqualify the site. (I still think that's a problematic approach; it seems like it would be easy to get a site you don't like disqualified by making a significant number of votes for that site in a fraudulent manner.) Anyway, please don't cheat.

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