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Welcome to the Movable Type test!


This will eventually be the Movable Type version of Jed's journal. However, it's not quite ready yet. So for now, this is just a preview.

Feel free to post comments, but note that at some point fairly soon I'm going to delete everything that's here and re-import from the old journal. So all comments posted here will be deleted.

The current comment policy is this:

Authenticated commenters' comments get posted immediately. Others have to wait for approval.

Authentication can be done with a Typepad ID. I'm not sure whether it can also be done with OpenID or other systems yet; I need to figure out how all that works.

Chances are fairly good I'll give up on authentication soon and just immediately post all comments. But I wanted to try it out this way.

Let me know what you think of the look, the interface, the authentication system, anything else that catches your eye.

I'm expecting to make a fair number of changes in the coming weeks. I may make the left and right sidebars white, for example, to make it look like one unified page, or I may add graphics down the sides to make the page look less plain. I may eliminate the Archive part of the sidebar per se -- I'm kind of annoyed with having an ever-growing list of all months. I may try to number comments, the way they look in my old journal (a look I borrowed from JournalScape).

Oh, and Trackback is not yet enabled because I still don't understand it. One thing at a time.

Also: I may change the URLs to eliminate the date from them. Not sure whether that's a good idea or not.

And I'll be adding categories eventually.


A little more white space between paragraphs would be nice. Maybe 1.2em?

Are you able to make the central content "column" more liquid? ie, have it readjust its width as the user resizes the browser window? Just wondering how easily MT would allow layout tweaks like that...

This is a test of using LJ's OpenID system to identify myself.

This entry gets a disproportionate amount of spam, so I'm closing it to comments. If you want to contact me about this entry, send me email.