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New blog launch


There's still work to be done on the Movable Type version of my blog, but I've decided to launch it anyway.

If you go to a page on the old blog, it should now redirect you to the equivalent page of the new one. All internal links within the blog should work. Comments should work. Posting should work. Search should work. In theory, the comments system should keep track of your information from visit to visit if you want it to.

Things remaining to be done:

  • Figure out the new feed URL, and ask the person who owns the LiveJournal syndication to switch to that URL.
  • Finish creating list of categories; apply categories to entries; work out a good way to select a category archive.
  • Improve the monthly-archive system, including providing a better way to display the list of months.
  • Tweak the look and feel of the blog in various ways.
  • See if I can get comment-searching working.
  • Set up automatic pinging of Technorati et alia.

Btw, I was going to say the other day that I had received my first comment spam on the new blog, but it turns out I had actually received a couple dozen previous pieces of comment spam that MT had recognized as spam and thus not notified me about, just filed them in the comment-spam folder for me to look at when I got around to it. Yay! This alleviates one of my biggest concerns about MT comment spam—I had worried I would be deluged with email messages telling me about all the spam that had been posted.

(Oddly, comment spam on the journals that use my old system (mine, Mary Anne's, Vardibidian's, Dan's) has been at a very low volume for the past week or so—no more than one or two spam comments a day, down from dozens a day a couple weeks ago. I ain't complaining.)

One other thing while I'm thinking of it: I'm writing this in Ecto, a standalone blogging tool for OS X that interacts with MT nicely. I'm using the trial version, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy the full version soon, mainly for the convenience of being able to type Command+S to save a draft entry. MT also allows saving drafts—which is one of its coolest features as far as I'm concerned—but the keyboard shortcut makes me more likely to save regularly (and thereby reduce even further the likelihood of my losing an incomplete entry in a browser crash).

Okay, enough for now. More later, no doubt.


I used to read a lot of LJ feeds and be subscribed to the feed promotion community, and so I know a little bit about the problem of LJ feed URL changes. Here's what to do, from FAQ Question #150: Who owns a syndicated account? Can I edit the feed URL of or delete a syndicated account?

If the feed URL for a syndicated account that you watch changes, causing the syndicated account to stop functioning, then it is possible for the feed URL to be changed. Please do not create a new account with the desired feed URL, as this will make the change very difficult. To have this done, please email support@livejournal.com, stating the username of the account, and the desired feed URL. It may take a few days for the change to be made.

Anyway, I don't know if you need to do this, as your most recent entry showed up on my friends list, all right and proper.

[Yay! Preview button!]

I know you're working on a number of items, but here's another -- is there a way to replicate the feature on the old version that let me tell instantly whether I'd read new comments or not by including the number of comments in the URL?

Hmm, actually, it occurs to me that I can read comments on the entry's main page, and thus it doesn't think that I've looked at the comments, because I didn't have to click on the "look at comments" link. This is more like how LJ works -- if someone comments on a friend's entry from three days ago, I'm not going to see that comment, because there's just no practical way for me to notice that... But less like how Lorem Ipsum used to work.

Hmm, didn't mean to post that twice, but I got an Internal Server Error the first time I tried. (And then didn't think to go back and check if it had actually been posted anyway.)

Ooooo. Shiny!

And now I see what TypeKey is. Sort of like OpenID, only for a narrower range of sites. At first I wasn't reading carefully and thought it said TypePad, which I knew was blog software, so I was ignoring it.

hi Jed! I'm liking the MT version of your blog much better than the old version -- perhaps I have a bias toward MT-style navigation. :) Makes it easier to catch up with a bunch of entries all at once! Hope you are well.

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