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Items: Technology and computers

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  • Heavier-than-air military airship: the Walrus. See also the SkyCat.
  • Project Gutenberg now has free audiobooks, apparently including some read by a computer?
  • "Nissan to show quirky Pivo electric car concept at Tokyo show." (Note that this is a concept car, not likely to ever go into production.)
  • Like the look of the Mac Mini, but prefer Windows? Try a Pandora.
  • Need to include math on a web page? Try jsMath.
  • Wotsit's Format, providing "file information on hundreds of different file types" (and, at the moment, a really obnoxious blinky ad at the top of the page).
  • WebDesktop lets you display a web page of your choice as your Mac OS X desktop background. (And you can specify a refresh interval if you like.)
  • Hot Links, featuring links to all sorts of computer- and web-related stuff. I'm going to have to avoid this site; too much interesting stuff, refreshed too often.
  • I imagine that you haven't had enough information lately about "Curling Quotes in HTML, SGML, and XML" ('cause, really, who has?). While you're at it, you might also look at David E. Ross's advice on Writing for the Internet, which is all about ASCII and non-ASCII characters.

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