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More about posting comments


Several people have had trouble posting comments to my journal in the past few weeks; they post a comment, and they receive an error message indicating some kind of server error. (The error message starts with "500 Internal Server Error".) Note that the comment does get posted, so there's no need to re-post when this happens.

I'm trying to find out what's going on with this, but MT tech support isn't sure, and I can't reproduce the problem myself.

So if you run into the problem, please drop me a note in email containing the following information:

  • Did you "sign in" using TypeKey?
  • Did you check the "Remember personal info?" checkbox?
  • Did you use Preview before posting?
  • What browser (name and version number) were you using?
  • Bonus question: If you know about cookies, let me know what cookie activity went on before and after you posted. If that sentence didn't make sense to you, just ignore it.



I saw it -- didn't use TypeKey -- did have "remember personal info" checked -- can't remember if I used preview -- was using Firefox 1.0.7 on Windows.

And that comment, just now, did not produce the error. Let me try without preview...

...aha. Without preview it seems to blow up.


I'm attempting a comment, not signed in, not remembering personal info, not using preview, using Firefox 1.0.4 on Mac OS 10.3.9, while thinking about macadamia nut chocolate chip cookies. After posting, I'll think about the cookies a little longer, then get back to work without actually going out and buying one.

Hey, it worked! Now I'm going to try a comment under the same conditions while thinking about oatmeal raisin cookies. QA testing is fun.

I saw it when I commented on your hair post.

Did you “sign in” using TypeKey? No.

Did you check the “Remember personal info?” checkbox? It was pre-checked; I left it checked.

Did you use Preview before posting? No.

What browser (name and version number) were you using? Safari 1.2.3. (v.125.9)

I am too computer illiterate to understand the bonus question.