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Items: Sex, sexuality, gender


Much of the following is not worksafe. In some cases, not even my description of it is worksafe.

  • Interesting entry on Gender Queer Hets, from (en)Gender, "Helen Boyd's journal of gender & trans issues," another blog that I would read nonstop if I had the time.
  • There's a documentary about a MMF triad coming up soon: Three of Hearts (trailer), not to be confused with the fiction poly movie with the same title. Especially interesting that the triad started with two men, who then decided to "bring a woman into the relationship." The movie is the result of filmmaker Susan Kaplan documenting the trio's lives for eight years. Nerve interviewed Kaplan; unfortunately, the interview (which appears to contain major spoilers, if I can use that term for a documentary) makes it sound like the whole point of the film is to show, once again, that poly relationships are inevitably doomed. Even if they last for eight years. Makes me mad. But I may be reading too much into the interview. I'm sure I'll see the movie regardless.
  • Study says there is more sex on TV than there used to be.
  • A list of sexual slang from Wikipedia. (Note: Article is currently being considered for deletion.)
  • "Sex bracelets," complete with hanky-code-style color codes.
  • Entertaining discussion of "reconvening the procedure" after giving birth. Possibly the first time the phrase "robotic, adjustable vagina" has ever been written.
  • Publicly gay and lesbian athletes. At least, I assume that's what they are; the page doesn't say what they're out as. No bisexuals here, I guess.
  • Nerd Porn Auteur, an MP3 of a spoken-word piece by Ernest Cline. You can also read a text transcript, but I think it works better in the recording. It feels a little too Sensitive New Age Guyish at first, but I like it more as it goes on.
  • Speaking of unusual porn: Roy Orbison in clingfilm. Which I point to mainly so I can point to this: Roy Orbison on a Class M Planet. Which I point to primarily because the little coda segment at the end of the page, featuring Picard, which has nothing at all to do with the rest of the page or with Roy Orbison or with clingfilm, is possibly the best slash pun ever. Someone must've made that pun before, but I haven't encountered it.
  • Interview with an autofellator.


Okay, I knew about the “Roy Orbison in clingfilm” site, but ROIC/ST slash is just wrong.

Also, I think “my vagina can’t fold sheets” beats “robotic, adjustable vagina.”

But only by a narrow margin.