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Rent in SF for a good cause


Next Thursday evening, 1 December, there'll be a private screening of Rent as a benefit for the Gay-Straight Alliance Network.

I'm told the GSA Network does a good job helping GSA student groups in California work together. In addition to working directly with such groups, they provide a bunch of useful resource sheets (available free online for GSAs everywhere, not just in CA), from How to Start a Gay-Straight Alliance and How to Have a Kick-Ass GSA to tips on public speaking, What Every Super-Rad Straight Ally Should Know, Building Anti-Racist GSAs, and Transgender Issues.

The screening of Rent is at the Sony Metreon. The movie starts a little after 7:30 pm; for those who buy the $50 VIP tickets, there's a VIP reception starting at 6 pm. All ticketholders (VIP and non) get free popcorn and a free drink.

I don't know whether I'll be there; getting to downtown SF by 6 (or even 7:30) on a weeknight is kind of a pain, given my schedule and location. But I definitely want to see the movie at some point, and this is a good cause, so maybe.


It took me a while to parse that subject line. "'Rent in SF for a good cause'. Hmm, okay, he's talking about science fiction writers tackling the problem of affordable rents. Oh, wait, no, it's a science fiction group showing the movie 'Rent' as a fund-raiser for something. Ah, wait, no, he means the movie 'Rent' is showing in San Francisco."

Take the employee shuttle up, Caltrain back?

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