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Check your Strange Horizons Readers' Choice ballots

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Two notes about the SH Readers' Choice Awards:

  • The voting period has been extended to this coming Wednesday, March 22. If you haven't voted yet, go vote!
  • If you have already voted, please go to the page and check to make sure your vote went through. (Use the "recover ballot" option at the bottom of the page.) If your ballot contained an error (such as a missing email address or too many items checked in a given category), then your vote probably wasn't recorded, and you may not have seen the error notification. [Edited to add: Karen points out that if you received a notification email, then your vote was successful.]

It turns out this is probably my fault. When I was adding the header and navigation bar to the ballot page, I probably cleaned up some of the HTML code on that page, and it turns out that the Perl code that displayed error messages relied on the HTML being exactly the way it had been.

So in my attempt to clean up the code, I accidentally disabled error notifications. So if you entered a ballot that had an error, the only indication of the error would've been the window's title bar changing, which you may not have seen.

I'm very sorry about this. The moral for me is one I should've known: after you make a change, be sure to test to make sure the error-checking system still works. I tested to make sure the ballot system still worked, but I didn't check the error-checking. :(

Note: if you have multiple email addresses and aren't sure which one you used to vote, please check with the poll administrators (see email address at bottom of ballot page) or drop me a note; please don't just guess which address you used before.

While I'm here, I'll repeat my earlier request/suggestion, this one from me as a private individual rather than as an SH editor: if you suggest to people that they come vote in the poll, please ask them to vote only in categories where they're familiar with a substantial number of the candidates. If someone has only read one piece we've published in a given category (or, worse, hasn't read anything in that category and is just voting for you because they know you), they can't have a very informed opinion on what pieces are the best in that category.

1 Comment

Another easy way to check that your vote got registered: if you received a "vote confirmation" email, your vote did go through.

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