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Hugo ballot released


Cheryl is the first person I've seen to publicly post the 2006 Hugo nominees. I saw them in email earlier this evening but wasn't sure whether they were public yet.

Some of the nominees are just what I would've expected. Others are not at all what I would've expected.

But "Two Hearts" is on the ballot, so I'm satisfied.

One short-fiction nominee each from Sci Fiction and Infinite Matrix; the other sources are a mix of Asimov's, Analog, F&SF, and a few much less prominent sources. It's the first time an Interzone story has appeared on the ballot since 2000.

Two different items from Small Beer Press on the ballot: Kelly's "Magic for Beginners" and Kate Wilhelm's "related book" Storyteller: Writing Lessons and More from 27 Years of the Clarion Writers' Workshop. Yay Small Beer!

In Long Form dramatic presentation, I've seen all the nominees except Batman Begins, which I plan to see sometime soon. Narnia is far and away my favorite of the list.

In Short Form, I'm delighted that the Prix Victor Hugo Awards Ceremony from last year's WorldCon made the ballot. I am totally voting for that. Although I've seen so few of the others that I may have to reconsider.

The Pro Editor and Pro Artist nominees are mostly the usual suspects. Sheila Williams debuts on the Editor list, and an artist I'm not familiar with (Stephan Martiniere) on the Artist list.

Semiprozine is pretty much the expected list (the difference from the past two years being that Cheryl's Emerald City is on the ballot instead of The Third Alternative); worthy contenders all, but as usual I'm sad not to see more fiction-oriented magazines there.

Fan writer includes the expected Dave Langford, Cheryl, and Steven Silver, plus two new people whose names I don't think I've seen before. The fan artist list is exactly the same set of nominees as we've had the past three years; I'd been hoping Frank would move up into the pro category this year, but maybe next time.

Sadly, the Best Interactive Video Game category was dropped due to lack of interest. Alas! I personally didn't nominate in that category, 'cause I mostly don't play video games; but I was expecting there to be a lot of interest, given how many of my friends do play them. And I still think that in terms of doing things you can't do in other media, it makes more sense as a category than Best Website. On the other hand, I can't help but think that given the lack of interest in this category, and given the relative success of the Website category when it's appeared on past ballots, future WorldCons may be more interested in Website than in Video Game, which I can't help but think will be good for SH if it happens. But, y'know, I'm not counting chickens or anything; que sera sera.

Finally, the Campbell ballot is a mix of names I expected and names I didn't. I'm particularly pleased to see John Scalzi and Sarah Monette on the ballot, for the selfish reason that we've published them, as well as the non-selfish reason that I like their writing.

Anyway, congratulations to all nominees! I think there may possibly be as many as three of you reading this. :)

In other news, it is very very late and I was already too sleepy to think straight an hour ago, so I don't know why I'm still typing. So instead of following through on my original reason for sitting down to write an entry (which was to tell you about my day), I'm going to go sleep. G'night!


Heh. Some comments:

1. We really disagree about some of the nominees. I didn't care for 'Two Hearts' or Narnia. :)

2. The Victor Hugo thing is cool. Not in with a hope in hell, but cool. And hey, here's the script.

3. Stephan Martiniere is brilliant.

4. I should know this, but--is or could SH be a semiprozine, if it wanted to be?

5. In fan writer, Claire Brialey is very good. Sadly most of her writing is in print fanzines. She did write us a review, though. I'm disappointed no blogger has broken through onto the list yet.

6. Yes, the flopping of the video game category is a shame.

My prediction is that the Campbell award is going to become the "best blog" award over the next few years.

Scalzi in a walk.

Speaking of awards, have you seen that Strange Horizons won the Million Writers award for best online magazine? Very cool!

Fred, besides Scalzi, I'm not seeing your evidence. Not that I have anything against Chris Roberson's blog or Sarah Monette's LJ, but I don't think any of the other nominees have particularly high-profile blogs.

If Scalzi wins (and I expect he will), I think it'll be on account of the Campbell turning out to be the "most popular first novel" award, as it often does.

Now you can argue about how much effect The Whatever had on sales of / liking for OMW, but that's another story.

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