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Last chance for cute hamster T-shirt

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Over at cuteoverload, today (Friday the 31st) is the last day to order the first official CuteOverload.com T-shirt, featuring a stylized version of a hamster with a grain of corn photo.

The shirt isn't really my style, and the photo isn't my favorite from the site. But I figured some of y'all might be interested, and I think the shirt won't be reprinted, so figured it was worth mentioning.

Much to my surprise, I'm finding that I'm more a baby hedgehog kind of guy.

. . . The fact that I've typed "teh" for "the" five or six times so far this entry makes me think it's probably time for me to go to sleep.

1 Comment

Thanks for the link ! My boyfriend is definitely a big fan of the hamster. But I don't think he actually wants the T-shirt ;)

I have to admit the baby hedgehog is cuter. It's the "I'm not awake yet" gaze that does it.

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