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Once and future journalers


I've been meaning for ages to link to the latest incarnation of Susan G's journal. What's finally reminding me to do so is that I can now also link to the latest incarnation of Karen M's journal. Both of my co-editors are journaling again! Yay!

Btw, for those who remember them fondly (and for those who never saw them), selections from the archives of Karen's former journal Thought Experiment are still online, mostly (as she put it) "The funny bits with Pär in them." And even if you're not going to read the entries themselves, you should follow that link for an extremely cute picture (from a couple years ago) of that kid of hers.

Susan covers her tracks more. I was so slow linking to her that I completely missed an entire incarnation of her journal, which is no longer online. And her previous journal is also now all gone, except for three entries from last October and November. I think there was another one before that that's also gone, but it's late and I'm too sleepy to do anything resembling thinking.


There are probably five or six earlier incarnations that are gone from the world now, actually. I've been keeping an online journal since 1997 or 1998, and I've got about an eighteen-month cycle of deciding that it's all crap and I don't really want an online journal after all. I keep meaning to put some of the older ones back online (especially after a historian I really admire told me last year that she used to read my journal regularly, in my early days of grad school) but I just don't have time right now.

You realize you're condemning future grad students to trolling through the Wayback Machine and having argumetns about whether the internal textual evidence is enough to determine which blogs are yours, don't you?

Oh, and the very thought fills my heart with joy.

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