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More parkour

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I coulda sworn that I posted at some point about parkour, the French sport/skill involving urban running, jumping, climbing, and navigating of obstacles, but I can't find an earlier mention of it here, so maybe I didn't.

At any rate, last night I happened across the trailer for a new French action movie, District B13, set in a near-future Paris where all the ghettos are walled off.

The most interesting thing about it, to me, was that the trailer gave me the strong impression that this is the first parkour action movie. Rather than shooting people and blowing things up and driving fast vehicles, the hero spends a lot of time running along unusual surfaces, kicking things, leaping, spinning, jumping, etc.

And in fact, TSOR reveals that one of the stars of the movie, David Belle, is one of the co-creators of parkour.

I mentioned this on a mailing list, where someone said he'd just seen the movie; he noted that he liked some of the chase scenes. I think I probably won't go see the whole movie, but I'm mildly intrigued at the idea of parkour showing up in more relatively high-profile movies. Especially because I saw a trailer last night in the theatre for one of the upcoming summer blockbusters (I forget which one) and it had a few moments that looked kind of parkour-like too.

The same person on the mailing list later pointed to an unrelated Russian parkour video, which has some pretty cool stuff in it (mostly much the same kind of stuff that appears in most parkour videos, but fairly well executed). If you get bored with the camera work in the first couple minutes, you can skip ahead to around minute two for more parkour action. You can also probably stop watching about a minute before the end; it stops being especially interesting to non-Russian speakers around 7:30.

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I recently discovered, and posted about, parkour. It's neat! I wish there was opportunity in Philadelphia to learn some, and I wish I were brave enough to do it.

From random internet poking around I did at the time, I believe the action movie trailer you saw with a parkour-like sequence may have been Casino Royale. Having discovered that I enjoy the James Bond novels, I should read that one before the movie comes out...

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