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Strange Horizons forum still down

In case anyone's been wondering what's up with the SH forum and missed Susan's explanation:

Last Friday (9 June), Susan discovered that someone had broken into the forum's administrative interface. Whoever it was deleted most of the boards and most of the registered users.

We managed to restore the database from backup (thanks to Pair tech support!), but it became clear that the attacker was exploiting a known security hole in the system, rather than (say) having obtained our passwords somehow.

So we're going to wait to bring the forum back until we can either upgrade to the latest version of the forum software, or replace it with something else. (It turns out that an upgrade to a version without the security flaw would be kinda expensive.)

We were hoping to get some kind of interim system up and running sometime in the past few days, but what with one thing and another, it hasn't happened. At this point, I would guess it might be another week. We'll see.

. . . I can't figure out whether to say this here or not; it's not directly relevant, but it feels weird to just ignore it, so I'm going to say it: the other thing that happened last weekend is that Susan's grandmother died, so Susan is dealing with more important things than this forum stuff. See also her post about her grandmother's life.

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