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Sleepy update

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Sorry so little journaling lately. (And I've been even more remiss over at Neology. I do still plan to get back to that soonish.)

The past several weeks have just flown by. Huge amounts of socializing--brunch with some new friends a few weeks back; Lola's return from France; a dinner with Naomi at the Thai place we just discovered right next to the Fremont BART station; the Paly reunion evening, and the nice picnic the following afternoon, which I started to write up but never finished; the discovery that someone I'd been working with at work also went to Paly and knew some of my friends from there; several lunches at work with job candidates who are also friends of mine, and a couple of long-planned and long-delayed lunches with co-workers (at some point I hope to write an entry about the oddness of working with people who I was friends with before we became co-workers; that's not something I'm used to); seeing Jay and Holly and our cousins Alan and Cindy and their kids a week and some ago (that was really great; haven't seen A&C in like 15 years, even though they've been living in the Bay Area the whole time).

Then Mary Anne arrived middle of last week and I've been accompanying her in seeing bunches of folks who live around here but whom I don't see often enough; then Sunday I cut out after M's reading to go do some editing, but ended up mostly chatting with Beth O, who I hadn't seen in some time, and then headed over to SF by BART to see Jed B & Wickie, whom I hadn't seen in at least a couple years, and then back to Dan & Nadya's to close out the evening. This morning Thida (hi, T! I know I still owe you a long-delayed critique) came by to write with M; this evening Kam came by, bringing much-appreciated dinner (as M and Thida and I had finished off the last of the multitudinous leftovers this morning).

(Meanwhile various other things have been disrupting my usual routines, like the soundproof window installations and the cable modem outage and getting the house cleaned and not sleeping as well or as much as would be ideal. And the recent incursion of ants, which (contrary to that song) do not appear to be my friends, nor do they appear to be blowin' in the wind. All of which has left me a little discombobulated and even quieter than usual at some of the social gatherings.)

(We stopped by the new Bed, Bath, & Beyond the other day, the one that's only a few blocks from my house, and I spent a long time waffling over what kind of silverware to get and so on. Did end up getting a teakettle, one that I think is probably much more usable than my old one in various ways, and some silver-polish thingies to polish a little silver trefoil art piece that I've been keeping off display due to tarnishing. So that was nice. And now my sleepy brain is trying to say something about being ants-over-teakettle, so perhaps I'd better move along to the rest of this entry.)

And the socializing won't be stopping anytime soon. Tomorrow I think at least three people are coming by at various times for various reasons; Wednesday evening there'll be more socializing. And then Friday I head off to the East Coast for a quick weekend at a Swarthmorean wedding.

Next week we've got a social offsite at work; the following week is WorldCon (damn, I really have to get plane tickets). Then I spend most of September recovering from those five or six weeks of solid socializing before I head East again around the end of the month for (tentatively) a week in Boston preceding the SWIL reunion at Swarthmore (hi, Bostonians! Sorry I haven't mentioned this sooner); then home again in time for Beth's wedding.

I don't mean to complain; it's good socializing, and I'm getting to see a whole lot of people whom I like but don't see nearly often enough. But it's a little exhausting. And mildly frustrating to realize once again that if I were to spend even a fraction of the time I would like to spend with all the people I'd like to spend time with, I would have no time for anything else, including sleep and work.

So I've fallen behind on journaling, and I'm a week or two behind on all magazine-related tasks, and I haven't been keeping up with birthdays.

So here's a quick excursus into birthdays. Last week: Jed B and Isaiah A. This week: Garrison Keillor and Kendra E (hi, K! I know I still owe you a long-delayed email). This coming weekend: Fidel Castro and Patrice O. Next week: Melissa R, Andrea E, Wendy S, Robert de Niro, Morrisa S, Ellie W, Beth F, Eleanor P. And next Thursday (the 17th) would've been my mother's 63rd birthday; kind of hard to imagine her at that age.

(And the following week, which I mention now because at this rate there's no way I'll remember to post about them at the time, will feature the birthdays of Rose P, Ray Bradbury, Dorothy Parker, and Laura A.)

On the literary and artistic front, I spent much of the weekend before last preparing to vote in the Hugos: reading a bunch of nominated short fiction, and watching all of the nominated short drama that I hadn't previously seen. (Thanks again to Avani for the Dr. Who loan and to Zed for the pointer to "Jack-Jack Attack.") Also reading the first half of the latest version of M's novel. And somewhere in the midst of all the bustling about, I bought and read the sixth Harry Potter book, which I think I liked significantly more than any of the previous ones; the world of the books is beginning to feel more solid and coherent to me, less randomly thrown-together, and although Rowling continues to use techniques that annoy me (like characters deliberately withholding information from each other for what I consider insufficiently motivated reasons), I'm enjoying the writing and the characters more.

Also been reading the books of Neo-Futurist plays I got at Too Much Light in July, but haven't had a chance to watch the DVD of their performance yet.

Oh, and I finally read A Scanner Darkly in preparation for seeing the movie, but I don't know when I'll have time to see the movie.

And I finally ordered the Cross Country compilation CD, Hail and Farewell, which combines their two previous albums. I own both of those albums, but the first one was previously available only on cassette, so I haven't listened to it in a couple of years. The CD arrived today; I'm delighted to finally be able to easily listen to those songs again without having to set up my tape deck. Good stuff. If you want to hear some samples of their lovely harmonies, follow the above link and scroll down to get some free MP3s; of those free songs, I especially recommend "Why Do You Bob Your Hair, Girls?" I'm hoping they can get their albums into the iTunes Music Store, but I suspect that won't happen for a while, if ever; for now, the only way to get the CD is to send them a check.

In other news, I have a bunch of journal entries I want to write and/or finish, especially one about the latest round of gender-bias-in-sf kerfuffle, but those will have to wait.

And yet another thing that I haven't found time to do is get my notes on Privilege of the Sword into postable form. The book launched almost two weeks ago, so I'm being ridiculously slow about this, but I'm not sure when I'll manage that. So for now, I'll just say go buy the book and read it. Good stuff. More info/comments to follow eventually. And I completely dropped the ball on trying to arrange an interview with Ellen (though we did have a great chat a couple weeks back about her influences); must follow up on that as well.

But for now, I'd better go sleep.

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