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Women in alternate history

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A couple of years ago, I wrote an entry about gender balance among authors of works nominated for the Sidewise Awards, those being the annual awards for alternate-history science fiction. There were a lot of comments there, and more in response to David Moles's entry on the topic.

(I had been under the misimpression that Ben R. wrote his fantabulous zeppelin story partly in response to that discussion, but now I see that he'd sold the story before that discussion.)

Anyway, I think I wasn't paying attention to the Sidewise Awards last year, but it turns out that there were two stories by women among the seven shortlisted works last year; and this year there are three works by women among the eight shortlisted works.

I'm pleased.

The total numbers of shortlisted works in any given year are so small that I wouldn't read too much into any one year's list; I wouldn't have posted my entry a couple of years ago if it had been just one year. I was reacting to a multi-year pattern. So I'm especially pleased to see two consecutive years of more female authors showing up on the lists.

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