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Snakes in no pain


I have no interest in seeing Snakes on a Plane, but I've been amused and/or interested by some articles related to it.

In particular, I like the Entertainment Weekly interview with Samuel L. Jackson. Some of Jackson's best lines in the interview:

Nobody has to act like, ''I wouldn't be caught dead in that film!'' Fine! Don't go! Wait until they have Snakes on Brokeback Mountain or something!


People either want to see this movie, or they don't. So let 'em know, if you're coming to see this movie, you're going to see a plane full of deadly-ass snakes. That's what it should be called: Deadly Ass Snakes on a Plane.


I still sing ''The Time Warp.'' I walk around singing ''The Time Warp'' all the time.

I also like his response to the question "Do you have a favorite piece of Snakes fan media?"

In unrelated news, no snakes were harmed in the making of the film. Interesting article, but the main reason I'm linking to it is so that I can link to the adorable photo of the 250-lb. Burmese Python named Kitty. So cute!


I hear that even as a bad movie, it isn't very good.

I have to disagree with David, this is an incrediably fun movie - and vastly more fun if you go to a packed, late night showing with an audience in a mood to participate. Sheer and pure fun - intelligently done with a serious wink to the audience and clearly everyone involved was having a great deal of fun.

I went on Thursday, in SF, for the first showing - a completely full house, lots of fellow geeks, and the audience participated loudly and enjoyably.

Some scenes are gratitious and even a bit extreme but it is serious fun. And I wouldn't call it a bad movie - in fact I was greatly pleased at how smart it was (smart in the sense of it knew exactly what it was and did it with glee - along with referntial touches acknowledging what was happening on the screen.

Definitely an event and I'd recommend experiencing it. Also one of the few movies I've seen recently that I am seriously going to probably see again (as long as there will be an active audience to see it with).


I saw it late Friday afternoon in Westwood, expecting a packed house of rowdy UCLA students. Instead, there were only about 40 of us in the theater....but the people in attendance were boisterous...this is definitely *not* a movie to see on DVD. The best part for me was the audience interaction...especially when Samuel Jackson utters his bound-to-be-a-classic line, "I have had it with these motherf--ing snakes on this mother--fing plane!" (Or as a reviewer more delicately put it, "an oedipal expletive.") The small crowd went absolutely nuts for that line, probably in part because most of us had recently heard Mr. Jackson say it on The Daily Show.

Anyway, I would say Snakes on a Plane was original and entertaining and funny and far better than the typical horror movie. It was also absurd, over-the-top, and had a great deal of gratuitous violence and stereotypes, all of which combines to make it one of the best bad movies I have ever seen.

I wasn't planning on seeing it, 'cause I'm generally not into horror-ish movies, but I think after reading the Sam Jackson interview, and the above comments, I'm sorely tempted. I wonder where it's playing with a smart and active crowd these days?

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