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Happy birthday, Strange Horizons!


On Friday, September 1, 2000, at 2:30 a.m. UK time, Strange Horizons went live with our first content.

I say UK time because our webmaster at the time was British. So it's hard to say whether SH's birthday should officially be 31 August or 1 September. Maybe it should depend on where you are at the time.

Either way, I missed the day this week; the actual time of the anniversary was about 48 hours ago. Oops.

It looks like I said most of everything that I would want to say about such an anniversary in an entry a year ago. It still continues to be true that our all-volunteer staff has published new material every single week, on time, for our entire run. (Except for the vacation week at the end of each year.) And editing for the magazine continues to be an exhausting but immensely rewarding task.

Thanks, as always, to the amazingly dedicated SH staff, and to the lovely SH donors, and of course to all the writers and artists who've provided the magazine's content. Yay us!


Yay for six years of Strange Horizons! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

WoW! Happy Bday. And keep up the good work.

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