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Assorted updates


I once again find myself struck with blogging paralysis--too many things I want to write about, not enough time to do justice to any of them, and each time I start on one it wanders off into too many side corridors and/or general incoherence.

But I'll start with a summary of the past week-plus.

A bit over a week ago, Twig called to let me know that the silent Phantom of the Opera was playing at the Stanford Theatre, with live organ accompaniment. I had a lot to do that evening, but on the other hand this seemed like possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'd never seen that movie, and might never get another chance to see it on the big screen with live music.

So I went, and had a good time. Good music, lots of melodramatic overacting, Lon Chaney in one of his best-known roles. (Also, I'm pretty sure this is the only Chaney movie I've seen. . . . Huh--I just realized that I've always conflated Chaney Sr. with Chaney Jr.) At various moments, bits of the musical version started running through my head, but I quashed those.

Later, when we were hanging out at University Coffee Cafe in downtown Palo Alto, a familiar-looking guy came up and said hello; turned out he was a writer, whom I'd met at a con but couldn't quite place until he reintroduced himself, and he lives in Palo Alto. (He had recently submitted a story to us that we came very close to buying, but ended up letting go.) I think that may be the first time I've been recognized as an editor in a public place; I was tickled.

The rest of last weekend was partly taken up with extended discussions of stuff from the science fiction world (which I'm still not quite ready to post about), and partly with seeing a couple more movies (William Powell and Carole Lombard in My Man Godfrey, which I enjoyed quite a bit despite some oversimplification and heavy-handedness, and William Powell (as Philo Vance) and Mary Astor in The Kennel Murder Case (included, unheralded, on the same Netflix DVD as Godfrey), which was pretty much a by-the-numbers whodunnit, but I do like Powell and Astor). But mostly that weekend was taken up with reading a whole bunch of submissions.

I had fallen way behind, so over the course of about 48 hours I read (or at least skimmed) 77 submissions; roughly three weeks' worth of the stories assigned to me for first reading. So I was all caught up to where I should be in my submission-reading. And then I've read almost all of this past week's assigned reading over this now-ending weekend, so I'm still basically caught up. Yay! And I've rejected 112 stories in the past week, so I'm basically caught up on that as well.

Of course, I'm still about two weeks behind on editing. Sigh.

This past week, I think not a lot happened. Kam returned from Burning Man; I gave a presentation about Dreamweaver tips and tricks at work (a slightly updated version of the one I gave two years ago, which I'm been promising to give again ever since); another friend accepted a job at Google. I finished reading the Hartwell/Cramer Year's Best SF and started Rich Horton's SF year's best. Spent too much time looking at various Star Trek stuff online, which I'll link to sooner or later.

Kam and I watched the first two webisodes of Battlestar Galactica; they're running a ten-part series of roughly 2-minute mini-episodes online over the next few weeks, bridging the gap between the end of season 2 and the start of season 3 (October 6!). J7y called it "Webblestar Webactica," which makes me giggle every time I think of it. Now I want to see a fan film called Weeblestar Weebactica, featuring Weebles.

Kam and I also watched the DVD of last year's Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind anniversary show. The first half or so mostly didn't work so well for us--a bunch of pop-culture references that we didn't get, and a bunch of loud music that (given the relatively low-quality sound recording) made it hard to hear some of the spoken words. But the second half was much better; a bunch of good pieces.

And we went to Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant in San José yummy food. Thanks to Sarah for telling us about this!

Let's see. I guess the other thing I did last weekend was make travel plans. I'll be in the Boston area from 28 September through 6 October; then down to Swarthmore for the SWIL reunion 'til 9 October, then back home.

Still uncertain about World Fantasy Convention. Probably won't go, but all the people talking enthusiastically at WorldCon about how much fun it was going to be did make me more interested than I'd been.

I'm pretty sure there was more I was going to say here, but I've lost track of what it was. At any rate, probably more posts on other topics soon.


I love Zeni! I also recommend Queen of Sheba, which has amazing doro wat.

Whoa. World Fantasy is in Austin?

Guess I'll be there then.

oo, blogging paralysis, I have that too. Currently I have an essay about female friendships in SF (or rather the lack thereof) I've been meaning to write. Hmm. Maybe I'll take a minute for that right now...

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