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More re John M. Ford

I was sad all day today. Even though I didn't know him.

Perhaps because so many people wrote, eloquently, about how much he meant to them. Here are some more (real names left off of those for whom they're not obvious from LJ userinfo pages):

Debbie N: "Smart beyond measure. ... Funny beyond description. ... Sweet beyond reason."

Madrobins: "one of the fastest thinkers I've ever met, and funny in a dry, walk-ten-paces-before-you-get-the-joke sort of way."

Bluejo: He was just brilliant. And he was kind. He lent me books.

Baldanders: "seemingly effortlessly witty and erudite, insightful and hilarious"--and he reprints Ford's splendid Janus sonnet. "For faith and miracles, sufficient time."

Pamela Dean: "Mike was his own footnotes, his own exegesis, his own backdrop." Plus, in comments lower down on that page, a lovely pair of anecdotes from Baldanders and Joel Rosenberg about a particularly oblique Ford story.

Finally, another item by Ford: I either hadn't known, or hadn't remembered, that he contributed to the Infernokrusher movement with his brief Infernokrusher Romeo & Juliet excerpt. "These lips are two shaped charges, primed and hot, / That wait the go-code for delivery."

TNH continues to add to the Ford-related links in that Making Light entry from this morning; worth stopping by again.

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