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Men's suits on sale (Los Altos)


Cassara Brothers Clothiers is a small men's-clothing store in Los Altos, CA, near Mountain View and Palo Alto. (Basically at San Antonio and El Camino.) They've been around for 35 years, and they've been good to me the few times I've been there even though I'm not a big customer (I've bought two ties and two handkerchiefs there over the past several years).

One of the owners is retiring, though the store will continue, so they're having a big sale. Up to 80% off on a lot of stuff; I saw one sign that said that for one kind of suit that's normally $500, they were now selling four for $500.

I have a suit that I like and looks good on me and that I almost never have an opportunity to wear, so I don't know that there's any point in my buying another one. Still, I may try to find time sometime in the next couple days to stop by and look around. (I didn't have time for that yesterday when I went to buy a tie.)

And I figured if any of y'all who live in the Bay Area are looking for fine menswear at a good price, you might be interested.

I have no affiliation at all with the store, except as a satisfied customer.


As I am professionally required to wear "lawyer armor", I am intensively envious.

Well, if you send me your measurements, I could pick you up some suits. :) But I imagine you would want to, like, try them on first and stuff.

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