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BSG season 3 opener


So with the aid of the new devil device, Kam and I watched the two-hour season opener of Battlestar Galactica.

My (essentially spoiler-free) reactions went approximately like this (in no particular order):

Wow. Urgh. Ack! Wait, was he the one from Webblestar Webactica? ...Gack. Oh, no. No, wait, don't--ack. Oh, I hope they don't--oog.

Hey, wait, what happened to--oh. Oh, there she is. Oh. Gah, he's creepy. Really, really creepy. Brr. Oh. Ick.

I hope the rest of the season isn't in black & white.

Oh, no!

Couldn't the writers have just put up a title card that says "There are no good guys" and left that up for two hours and saved a lot of money and stress?

How can they not know who--oh. Okay.

Yeah, he's one to talk about conscience.


Do you think he can really tell the future?

This series has gotten kind of dark.

What happened to him?

Oh, no.

Huh, I guess they got together after all.

Oh, hey, she's the CAG now.

He's right, for once.

Wow--taking advice from her?

So how long has it been since--oh, okay.

Huh--she really does love him, doesn't she?

~Wait, the writers of this series surprised me? That never happens!~

No! Don't fall for it!

Brr. Still creepy.

It went on about like that for a couple of hours.

Can't wait for episode two.


Isn't episode 2 already on the air? It's on iTMS.

This series has gotten kind of dark.

"has gotten"??

David: Yeah, episode 2 is sitting on the TiVo waiting to be watched; we didn't have time to watch it the other night.

MCAH: :) Yeah, that was ironic understatement, or something.

(But also partly sincere, in that episode 1 felt even grimmer than a lot of the rest of the series. But that may just be that I've had a few months to forget the details of how grim the show can get.)

After watching the season opener, my main reaction was, what is the point of this New Caprica interlude, in story terms? The scenes from the upcoming season indicate (SPOILER ALERT) that the show will return to its old format -- everyone back on the ships, Roslin as president again -- which makes me feel like a giant reset button is about to be pushed. At the end of last season, moving the show planetside seemed like a bold format change; now I'm wondering if it was all a red herring.

That was a great review. I've been holding off on getting sucked into a new show, but now I want to go through and match up all your reactions with the screen. Too much fun.

I should note that my reactions aren't in order, and some of them are only approximate, so matching them up with the episode might be difficult.

(Ted: I'm not ignoring you, just that I'm trying to avoid finding out what's going to happen on the show ahead of time, so I didn't read your whole comment.)

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