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Video roundup

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A few video items:

Brokeback!: The Musical, a Nathan Lane number from Letterman. The best bit is the reinterpretation of the Cole Porter song "You're the Top" in the second half.

Heat Vision and Jack. This one looks like a joke, but it isn't: it's the actual (intentionally goofy) pilot for a proposed TV series, featuring, among others:

  • Jack Black as Jack, a former astronaut who, via exposure to "inappropriate levels of solar energy," is smarter than anyone as long as the sun is up.
  • The voice of Owen Wilson as Jack's roommate who was accidentally merged with his motorcycle, so now is a sentient motorcycle named Heat Vision.
  • Ron Silver as "himself"--which is to say, the character is Ron Silver, the well-known actor, but he's also an assassin working for NASA.

Oh, and the one-shot villain in the pilot is played by Vincent Schiavelli. The series was meant to be kind of a spoof of peripatetic-heroed shows like Knight Rider, The Incredible Hulk, and The Fugitive, plus extremely silly special effects and plots and goofy dialogue.

The first few minutes of the pilot are pretty entertaining, but after that it kind of wanes, imo. My two favorite lines were both from Jack:

"Apparently the human mind is not unlike cookie dough. Mine was baked by the sun, causing it to rise, increasing its cognitive capacity."


"You're not listening to me! NASA is evil!"

Finally, completely unrelated to either of the above, the fine folks at the Stanford Juggling Research Institute have posted a video of an SJRI performance. Um, I mean, of a presentation of their research, of course. They dropped clubs a little more often than usual in this particular presentation, but it's still way cool.

Sample line from that video: "SJRI is a typical academic institution, so our actions are governed largely by petty jealousy."

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How did Heat Vision and Jack not get picked up??? One can only conlude that it was supressed by NASA. NASA is evil!

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