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End of the fiction year


The Strange Horizons fiction department is now temporarily closed to subs through the end of 2006. We reopen on January 1, 2007.

And there was much rejoicing, at least among weary SH fiction editors.

Many detailed stats will indubitably find their way to this journal once we finish responding to all outstanding subs (of which there are still about 300). For now, I'll just mention that we received 3,223 submissions during 2006, averaging nearly 300 a month, or nearly 10 a day; a 6% increase over 2005. (Which is actually a much lower increase than I was expecting, but I ain't complaining.)

Slightly over 2,300 authors submitted to us this year. Twelve of those authors sent us more than six stories apiece over the course of the year; one managed to send us nine stories. I can't yet say how many of those twelve authors sold us stories, because almost all of them still have a story under consideration.

I could do more stats now, but (a) it's late, (b) I've got a cold and should have been asleep an hour ago (and I've been half-asleep for the past couple hours), and (c) I'll be able to do more comprehensive stats after we finish responding to everything.


Now I'm going to have to send you even more stories next year, and break the current record. Nine, pfeh.

You and anyone else who wants to are welcome to try to send us more than nine stories next year, but it may be difficult. We're only open to subs for 11 months, and our average response time at this point is about 35 days; if we hit that average for all of your stories next year, then it might just barely be possible to send us ten stories over the course of the year. Of course, if we take the full 70 days to respond to any of the stories, you'd probably be out of luck (unless we responded very quickly to a couple of others).

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