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Slash moment


As y'all know, I am rather smitten with Jamie Bamber, who plays Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica.

Well, Naomi was singing the praises of Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd; I had seen him only as Reed Richards in Fantastic Four, but it turns out he was Lancelot (another photo) (and another) in that recent King Arthur movie that I meant to see 'cause Keira Knightley played Guinevere; and, more famously, he played Horatio Hornblower in the Hornblower series of eight made-for-TV movies based on the Hornblower books.

I haven't read the Hornblower books, though various friends of mine love 'em, and I haven't previously had much interest in seeing the movies/series. But Naomi pointed out that Jamie Bamber is in them, and then she showed me a lovely slash moment photo, which I hereby title "Best Friends."

I'm told that much bad slash fiction has been written about these two. If I were the sort to write slash, I'd probably write some bad slash about them myself. But instead I think I'll settle for just looking at the photo some more. Or maybe at some point I'll watch the series.


Hee! Not only has much slash been written on the subjects, but one of my best students ever wrote her senior honors thesis on Hornblower as an omnicompetent hero, and included a section on the slash.

as it happens, there is also some excellent slash fiction! Try googling "Ransom."

Don't bother seeing that King Arthur unless you have lots of popcorn to throw...it was genuinely aweful. One wishes that it had been otherwise....

SarahP: Excellent! I'm glad to see the younger generation is being raised right. (Did the thesis section about slash discuss "Ransom"?)

Catherine: Yeah, I should've said something like "I imagine there is also some good slash about these characters"; thanks for pointing that out. ...However, "Ransom" doesn't appear to be available online any more anywhere I've looked. There are several strong recommendations for it, and apparently there were once two versions of it (one containing more sex than the other), but all the links are broken. ...Aha--the less-sex version is still available via the Wayback Machine: "Ransom" at archive.org. But the more-sex version was never archived there, due to a robots.txt file.

(And now I'm not sure whether to read "Ransom" at all, given that I haven't read any of the Hornblower books or seen any of the movies/TV shows.)

Elaine: Alas! I'm sorry to hear that. Thanks for letting me know, though.

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