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Tim Pratt at 30


I believe this is clue #10 in the Great Birthday Treasure Hunt Extravaganza.

As you know, Bob, Tim Pratt's works are so rich and complex that when they're filmed, each story has to be turned into two movies. Which pair of movies was featured in Best American Short Movies, directed by Michael Chabon?

  1. Captain Final Fantasy and the Secret Masters of the Universe
  2. Robots and Desert Hearts (with Greg van Eekhout)
  3. Tin Cup and the Knights of the Round Table
  4. BraveHart & Das Boot
  5. American Werewolves in London and the Princess Brides

Happy birthday, Tim!


Happy birthday, Tim!

Ha! Great question. Thanks for taking part, Jed. This is really cool.

Wow, Jed, this is an *awesome* clue! I'm very impressed! Thanks again; I couldn't have done it without you guys!

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