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Days 3 and 4


Wednesday we received 35 valid submissions; Thursday "only" 23, which would still be enough to make it the fourth-highest-volume day ever if not for Monday through Wednesday of this week.

So as of the end of Thursday, we'd received 131 valid subs, 10 more than the previous highest-volume week (and nearly twice the number we get in an ordinary week these days). And there are still two days left in the week. I'm guessing we'll hit 175 by the end of the week, and at least 425 by the end of the month. But those are just guesses.


Holy cow, Jed! Impressive numbers, and impressive that you and your co-editors get through them all so quickly.

This makes me want to subit just to read the glee you give off in these number posts :P

Submit, even

Heh--I don't actually feel gleeful about these numbers; more like overwhelmed and/or panicked. We've been operating at something approaching the limit of our capability for handling submissions (under our current system) for a while now, and now volume is going up again. Which is why (to reply to Sarah's comment) we don't get through them nearly as quickly as I would like these days; our average response time has gone steadily up over time, but it's gone up more (and faster) than usual in the past few months. It's not bad compared to much of the rest of the field--but a couple of the major magazines that used to have long response times have significantly reduced their times in the past year or two, while ours have been going up.

But we're thinking about ways we can improve the process to help us cope better, so I think it'll come out okay one way or another.

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