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Weeks one through three

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I wrote the original version of this a week ago, and I could have sworn I had posted it, but apparently it didn't go live. Weird. So I may as well update it with week-three info before posting.

The first week of 2007 netted us a total of 161 SH submissions, not quite as high as I had predicted but still 33% higher than our previous highest-volume week.

The second week brought in 92 submissions, making it the fourth-highest-volume week ever.

Week 3 brought us another 91 submissions (tied for fifth-highest-volume week), which brings the total for the month so far to 344, making this month the highest-volume month ever even though there are still eleven days left to go in the month.

I'm hoping (and predicting, based on past years) that the next few weeks will drop to more normal levels.

But even if that does happen, we're quite likely to receive over 450 subs this month. (Our previous record was 342, in January of 2005.)

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