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Nearly a century

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Yesterday was my grandmother's 99th birthday.

Happy birthday, Grandma!

I didn't end up calling her, but I'll be going up to see her next weekend.

There were a bunch of other birthdays this week--I've gotten out of the habit of mentioning them (not that I was ever all that good at remembering to do so). Connor W turned 10 yesterday; Max & Griffin turned 6 earlier in the week; Sean F turned 4 the same day that Tivon F (different F) turned 3, which was also Greg's birthday (doesn't that sound like a logic puzzle? "And Mr. Green is not the man with the baseball cap"); Ruth A and Heather S and Joan M also all had birthdays.

And more coming up soon! In case I neglect to acknowledge them this coming week: Mark B and Catherine O tomorrow; Elliott M and Paul W on Tuesday; Rick P on Wednesday (and it would've been Joan VS's, too); Kir T on Friday; Beth Z on Saturday; Clive H next Sunday, when Alyssa S-F turns 2. (And Rosa Parks would've been 94.)

In conclusion: yay for birthdays! I like birthdays. Happy birthday to all!

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Hey, thanks!

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