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Final Nebula ballot!


This year's final Nebula Awards ballot has been released, and I'm very pleased to see that Dora Goss's SH story "Pip and the Fairies" is on it! This is only the second third [sorry for the mistake; fixed now] time an SH story has appeared on a final Nebula ballot.

I'm also pleased to see that Privilege of the Sword made the final ballot, along with work by a bunch of other authors I like. I'm sad, though, that "Second Person, Present Tense" and "Anyway" didn't make the final ballot. I would probably be sad about several of the others, too, but I haven't read most of the stories on the preliminary ballot yet.


How awesome! Congrats to Dora and to everyone at Strange Horizons!

Oh, wow -- thanks for pointing me to "Second Person, Present Tense." That's simply gorgeous.

I'm seconding Dan P's comment. I've always had a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept of multiple personalities, but this gave me some images that will stick in my head when I think about it in the future. I hope the story makes it into some Best of the Year collections even if it can't get a Nebula.

"Second Person, Present Tense" has gotten a fair bit of attention. It was published in Asimov's in 2005 (appeared on the 2007 Nebula prelim ballot due to wacky Nebula eligibility period); it was reprinted in both Gardner's and Hartwell/Cramer's year's-best-science-fiction volumes in 2006; it won the Asimov's Reader's Award for best novelette of 2005; and it was a finalist for the Sturgeon Award and got an Honorable Mention for the SLF Fountain Award.

Daryl Gregory, the author, posted some notes about the story on his website.

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