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Farewell to Burrito Real


I'm sad to report that Burrito Real, one of Mountain View's premier burrito venues, is closing its doors after over ten years of selling fine burritos.

To thank their customers, they're giving away free burritos (very basic, nothing fancy) for lunch and dinner on their last day, which is tomorrow, Wednesday, February 28. (Last week they were giving out flyers that said their last day would be March 15; I'm told that over the weekend they suddenly changed to closing on February 28.)

I gather that La Costeña, the taqueria that Real spun off from in the mid-'90s, is not closing, but I don't have definite confirmation of that yet.

(I'm suddenly tempted to write a filk about Burrito Real to the tune of the theme song from the original Casino Royale movie, but I can't find the lyrics to that song, and I don't have time anyway, so never mind.)

Anyway, I'm sorry to see Burrito Real go.


I am very tired right now and nearly falling asleep at the computer, but as I skimmed over this post, I got all the way through to the end thinking it was about a place that sold burros. There was just enough time for my brain to catch up with my eyeballs and start thinking "Hey, free burros for lunch and dinner? That's not right..." before I went back to the top and realised you were not actually talking about little donkeys.

Funny, I had the same response as Karen--I thought it was a donkey-selling establishment, and only had a "gleep!" response when I saw the lunch and dinner bits... ;)

Aww, bummer. I loved the crazy yummy burritos you could get at Burrito Real. It will be missed.

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