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Pirate antho deadline imminent

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I've been meaning to post for months about Ann and Jeff VanderMeer's forthcoming pirate anthology, Fast Ships, Black Sails, but I keep forgetting. The link in the previous sentence goes to their official guidelines, but for those who prefer guidelines to be brief and direct, you can also read the "coward guidelines."

The particular key point at this particular moment is that the VanderMeers are out of town from March 1 through March 4, so they're extending the deadline for submissions until March 4. And yes, you can submit via email; see guidelines.

So if you have a pirate story, you still have a couple days left to send it to them.

. . . I was talking to someone a couple weeks back who mentioned in passing that they were writing some kind of piratey quasi-nonfiction thing, but who hadn't heard about this anthology. But now I have no idea who that was. If it was one of you, couldja drop me a note? Sorry to be so absentminded.

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