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Sf items from all over


Some assorted tidbits pertaining to speculative fiction:

  • Everyone but me appears to have known for days now that last week, John Scalzi announced his write-in candidacy for the SFWA presidency. The sf blogosphere has gone wild over it, of course. Scalzi proceeds to say much more about the whole thing over the next several entries (follow the "next entry" links from the one I linked to), and there's now a SFWA election newsgroup that I think anyone can read but that only SFWA members can post to. I don't agree with Scalzi about everything, but I'm really glad to see him prevent a one-candidate election, and his campaign has resulted in a lot more public discussion about SFWA than I've seen lately. And he's promised to wear a tiara if elected, which is more than I've seen any other candidates promise. Also, he has entertaining campaign posters and videos (I especially like Mary Robinette Kowal's faux smear video on that page), including an anti-Scalzi video by his incredibly charming daughter Athena and some new Socialist Realism-style propaganda images.
  • Speaking of things likely to get sf writers riled up, Cory Doctorow has a new article up at Locus Online: "Science Fiction is the Only Literature People Care Enough About to Steal on the Internet" "You Do Like Reading Off a Computer Screen." [Corrected link and title--the older article is also interesting, but not what I intended to link to. Thanks for pointing this out, David!] I disagree with a bunch of what Cory says there, but as usual he makes compelling and entertaining arguments.
  • AbeBooks is having a drawing to win two tickets to the Nebula Awards. That's two ceremony+banquet tickets and a two-night stay in the Marriott New York. All you have to do is fill in their web form (and give the correct answer to a Nebula-related question, but it's very easy to find the answer online if you don't already know it).
  • Finally, there's a nice review of two Howard Waldrop collections at the Washington Post. Hope it sparks some wider interest in his work.


That article of Cory's is from July 2006. Are you thinking of "You Do Like Reading Off A Computer Screen"?

Oops--yep, that's exactly what I meant. Thanks much for the correction! Fixed in entry now.

(I had followed the link from the newer article to the older article, and then left the older article in my browser window, and forgot I'd followed a link, and didn't re-examine the article before linking to it.)

Cory Doctorow drives me up the wall sometimes. "No one thinks about albums today. Music is now divisible to the single." Because previously, of course, it was impossible to buy singles. (There was, however, a brisk trade in weird black coasters with big holes in the middle.)

Plenty of artists (most?) still think of their work in album-sized chunks, and plenty of listeners still buy albums. I don't know why he is confident that the novel will stick around in this era of short-form he's positing, but not the album.

re: the Waldrop book ...
The review in the Post and also being mentioned on BoingBoing.net has generated a lot of interest. I hope some of it is due to people new to Waldrop discovering him for the first time.

Michael Walsh

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