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I'm now 39. Yay.

Tuesday featured a bunch more good stuff. Thank you for all the birthday wishes in journal comments and email! Also got a couple of paper cards and an e-card; thank you to you who sent those as well.

In the morning I finished up edits for a forthcoming story, which went nicely smoothly. Later, I was moderately productive at work; among other things, I resolved two smallish issues that had been sitting around unresolved since last summer. Came home after work to find a vase full of lovely flowers--irises (in just the right gorgeous rich blue, with cheerfully bright yellow bits) and purple flowers that may be tulips?--that Twig had left for me; thank you, Twig! Had a nice near-impromptu Ethiopian dinner with assorted folks. Sarah and Simon gave me a little personal-sized cake with a truffle on top. Kam sent photos of the tall ships--I also have a whole bunch of photos and videos from the three hours we were on the water, but haven't had a chance to sort or post them yet.

Anyway, so Tuesday was not absolutely perfect (what day is?), but it was quite nice. Thanks again to all who contributed to that.

Something else I enjoyed today: I looked at the winners of the YouTube Video Awards, and though I wasn't thrilled with most of them (and had seen a couple of them before), they led me to the new video for Terra Naomi's song "Say It's Possible", which features an assortment of people holding up small signs. The explanatory note about the video says:

People from around the world filmed themselves and sent their videos to me. I asked everyone to answer the question "what would you do/want if anything were possible?" in three words or less.

Some of the signs' messages are kind of trite or obvious, but there are some really lovely moments, and I like the song. Worth watching. Interestingly, when I first heard the song (in the original video, which just shows Terra Naomi singing it), I assumed it was about a relationship rather than about changing the world; I think it maybe works on both levels.

Back to the awards: my favorite of the winners of the YouTube Awards was the winner in the Most Inspirational category, "Free Hugs Campaign," which is thoroughly charming and sweet and, yeah, even inspirational. I was pretty dubious about it at the beginning, but I liked it a whole lot as it went on. For more info, see the Free Hugs Campaign website.

Okay, I think that's all for tonight. Some more magazine work, and then to bed go I.

Oh, yes: Happy birthday, of course, to Jessica E., David H., and Theo P., none of whom are likely to see this.


Happy birthday Jed! I hope it's wonderful and lasts all week long.

(I've already declared my birthday a 2-day affair this year, since I'll be traveling home from Wiscon on the actual birthdate and I don't want to waste my whole birthday that way!)

Imagine virtual irises from me and Patrick... :)

Birthday birthday birthday! ::confetti::

Happy b-day. :-)

Happy birfday!

Happy birthday, wonderful Jed!! I hope your day is relaxing and fun and everything you hope it will be.

(and I will pass along to Theo P your birthday wishes) (he's getting a book about pirates, so there will be much celebration later).

Happy Birthday!

Happy happy birthday! :)

I am a great believer in birthday week. Or even birthday month. However long you celebrate, I hope you have a grand time.

Happy birthday! Hope you keep having a good birthday week!

Happy birthday, Jed!

Happy birthday!

Many happy returns! May your beard grow ever longer!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! (And thanks for tipping me off about the Escher exhibit!)

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes!

Tamara, feeling sophistimicated...

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