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Thank you to all who posted comments and/or sent email and/or e-cards. It was a good day, made even better by the reduced pressure to make it a Perfect Day; and the birthday notes (including the ones from Tuesday) were a big part of it being a good day.

Was feeling a little under the weather this morning, so ended up working at home. Did some laundry. Ate some leftovers. Ordered some clothing online from Lands' End, after discovering that they finally have the cobalt blue pocketed T-shirts again, after years of not carrying that color. (Actually, I ordered the clothing on Tuesday, but forgot to mention it last night.)

Got phone calls and/or voicemail from Jim M, Lola, Cat F, and Mary Anne, all people I haven't talked with enough lately.

Spread out the reading of the birthday good wishes over the course of the day; it was very nice to have enough of those to be able to read a couple of them every couple of hours.

Also heard from a friend who was having a particularly good day, which also pleased me. When I'm in charge (heaven forfend that should ever actually happen), I will declare that my birthday should be a particularly good day for everyone!

Went out on the patio a couple of times, stood in the sun (it was a lovely sunny day 'round these parts), felt the warm stone under my feet, petted the extremely friendly neighbor cats.

Speaking of animals, at some point I followed a link provided by Sarah H to a recent Cute Overload video: otters holding hands while napping in the water. SO CUTE! Be sure to keep watching 'til the end; the best moment is about 20 seconds from the end.

In the evening, just as I was finishing up a phone call to get back to finishing up some stuff for work, Kam texted me to let me know she was out of class, about two hours earlier than I'd expected. So instead of my eating leftover Ethiopian food for dinner, I finished up the work stuff and then Kam came over (bringing me a box kite, which I look forward to trying out at some point) and we went to Janta, in Palo Alto, for Indian food. (After pausing to observe a neighborhood bunny grazing on the lawn out front; we were just speculating that it wouldn't want to get too close to humans when it ambled over and sniffed Kam's hand.) And then to Watercourse Way for hot tub. And then home, where I did some magazine stuff.

Cat had pointed me to FilkArchive, an online archive of MP3s of older filk recordings, so while I was entering new stories into the SH database, I downloaded 17 old songs of Cat's, including a few that I already have on an old cassette tape but haven't listened to in years because, well, it's the 21st century; who listens to tapes any more? I'm still particularly fond of the lovely alliteration in "Fair Were the Towers," even though I still haven't read The Deed of Paksenarrion, and even though this recording is unfortunately very echoey. Note that before you can download anything from FilkArchive, you have to register (free and quick, and they have a good privacy policy); also note that once you start one file downloading, you have to wait 'til it finishes before you can download another (or it'll interrupt the first one partway through).

And Cat said she would send me a home-compiled CD of a bunch of her new songs that I haven't heard yet. Looking forward to that.

Anyway. A good day all around--lots of good wishes from all sorts of people; good food and soaking in hot water and time with Kam; ending with stories and music and a few bites of the chocolate cake from last night. Thanks again to all who participated.

And now I am very sleepy. G'night!

(Soon, we will return you to your regular non-birthday programming.)

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