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Hugo ballot released!

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So you know how I was all mysterious and stuff the other day? "Mysterious thing I can't talk about yet #1" is now public information:

Ben Rosenbaum's story "The House Beyond Your Sky," which Strange Horizons published last September, is on the 2007 Hugo ballot! (Ben has an excellent lolcats photo about it.)

We are, of course, totally thrilled. This is the first time anything we've published has appeared on a Hugo ballot. (The magazine as a whole was nominated for a special "Best Web Site" Hugo in both of the years when that award was given, but that's not the same as having our fiction on the ballot.)

Being able to publicly mention this is an excellent birthday present--I've been obsessively checking a couple of times a day, impatiently waiting for the ballot to appear so I could talk about it. (Turns out that if I'd been checking the right places, I would have known that the Nielsen Haydens posted the ballot last night.) Thanks to the Hugo committee for releasing the ballot this week, and to Locus Online (and others) for publishing it! It doesn't appear to be on the official WorldCon website yet, but I'm sure it will be soon.

Anyway, many congratulations to Ben, and thanks again for sending us the story.

Other works I'm particularly pleased to see on the ballot include William Shunn's "Inclination," Ian McDonald's "The Djinn's Wife," Tim Pratt's "Impossible Dreams" (Tim's first Hugo nomination! Congratulations!), Julie Phillips's James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice Sheldon, various BSG and Dr. Who episodes, and Lady Churchill's in the Semiprozine category.

The Best Editor split has produced an interesting pair of categories; more on that later, I hope.

I'm also pleased to see Scalzi in the Fan Writer category, and of course to see Sarah Monette on the Campbell ballot.

Congratulations all around!

Added later: I'm also, of course, pleased to see various of the regulars on the ballot, like Frank Wu and David Langford and the magazine editors. In this entry, I was just focusing on the people who aren't often on the ballot.

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Yeah! Congrats to Strange Horizons and Ben Rosenbaum! Yeehaw!

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