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Dream book

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The silliest bit from my dreams this morning:

A book (for sale in a normal modern bookstore), about six inches thick, hardbound, with a cover maybe 18" x 16". In a large, friendly, modern typeface. Written in Faux Ye Olde Englisshe. About Quidditch.

The author was there in the store, and was explaining to us why she and the publishers had put a copyright date of 1929 on the book (to make it seem more old-fashioned), and why they had almost decided not to include the chapter on the I Ching (because they feared that the vast majority of the core American audience would be angry about their publishing stuff about magic--somehow in the dream it made sense to me that the I Ching would be considered magic while Harry Potter wouldn't).

I was going to say that this was yet another piece of evidence that most of my dreams are entirely random, having nothing whatsoever to do with anything. But now that I think of it, I do know where the I Ching part came from: one of the making-of segments of A Scanner Darkly, which I watched on Sunday, showed pieces of paper on which PKD had cast the I Ching to determine how well the book would sell, among other things. And the idea of a very large book presumably came from the lovely book that Kam and I saw in a bookstore a week or two back: Leonardo Da Vinci: The Complete Paintings and Drawings. Still, I'm inclined to feel that these are random tidbits of recent memory surfacing, rather than anything Meaningful. Of course, it's possible that the presence of the I Ching was meant to tell me that randomness is meaningful.

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