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Mostly asleep

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Spent most of yesterday and today at Kriti. Going pretty well, though not as many attendees as one might hope. Still, interesting conversations, cool people, interesting comparisons and contrasts with sf conventions, and many useful reminders that there are a bunch of different cultures and languages (not to mention individual variation) subsumed under the general category of "South Asian." The panel about the question of whether a given writer is "authentic" enough was particularly interesting in that last regard. Also interesting to be one of the very few white people in attendance, and to watch people trying to figure out why I'm there.

None of which I'm going to talk about tonight, because I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Didn't get much sleep last night--went to sleep early, but set an alarm to wake me at 7:30 a.m. (a time when I'm not normally awake even at home, and I'm not sure my body has quite adjusted to the new time zone yet), but of course when I set an alarm I wake up periodically, sure that I've missed the alarm (and can't sleep with earplugs in because I'm too likely to sleep through the alarm, so other noises also wake me). Didn't really get sleepy all day, oddly, and even made it through a movie tonight (The Journey) before driving back to the hotel. And then realized (around 10:30 tonight) that I hadn't yet had dinner, so ate some leftover pizza, which kept me awake and typing for a while.

But now I am definitely fading. Off to bed. More Kriti tomorrow.

P.S.: Mary Anne, maybe next time around you should advertise it as "a weekend of hot South Asian babes!" I'm sure that would bring in just the right crowd. And I'm sure having that phrase in my journal will bring in just the right kind of comments from random strangers doing websearches.

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Heh. It is about a 10:1 ratio of S. Asian women to men, isn't it? And they're mostly 20/30-somethings, and a fair number of them are probably single.

One of the few S. Asian guys I was talking to told me, in fact, that he thought most of the men who came were there to meet women...

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